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More Common SEO Terms You Need to Know for Business

As we continue to look at common SEO terms, it’s important to remember how these popular terms will affect your business. Whether you’re working with a search engine optimization company, or just want to know more about how SEO actually works, learning the language is a great place to start. Not only will it help you to feel more equipped, but it will let you know what the SEO firm you’re working with is talking about. That can equate for a lot of comfort and trust as you continue a relationship with an SEO expert. So, make sure you know these terms if you want to continue to grow in your SEO knowledge.

What Is The Perfect Page Title?

This may seem pretty self-explanatory, but it doesn’t take away from the importance or relevance of the term. A page title is the name of your web page. Users will see it at the top of the browser window, and it is often given a heavy weight of relevancy in search engines. With that being said, your page title should contain important keywords that reflect your business. It’s a quick and effective way to let people (and search engines) know who you are, and what you do.

How To Utilize SERP For Analyze The Site

SERP stands for Search Engine Ranking Page, and it’s an extremely common term in the world of SEO. When you search for anything within a search engine, the SERP is the page you’ll immediately be directed to. There, you’ll find the top listings of sites relevant to your search. So, when you talk about being at the top of different SERPs, it means you want your business’ site to show up in the top spot of relevant searches.


Writing The Perfect Anchor Text For Your Page and Site

This refers to the text of the link to your site. An anchor text is another way to describe your site, for search engines to pick up on. So, you’ll want to make sure your anchor text reflects who you are, and isn’t some long, confusing link. For example; www.thisisanexample.com/seoexample looks a lot better than www.thisisanexample.com/seo1293840. Make your links relevant, and they can actually serve as another type of ‘keyword’ for search engines to grasp onto.

Generating Traffic Is Your Goal

The ultimate goal of SEO is to get more traffic to your website. Traffic simply means the amount of viewers that are checking out your site regularly. You’ll want to look for your traffic to increase consistently, as your SEO rankings improve. Thankfully, there are other terms, like Traffic Rank, which are actually tools used to determine your site’s traffic, and how it compares to your competitors, and other sites around the world.

When broken down, SEO terminology doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. By knowing a few of the key terms and phrases, you can better educate yourself on knowing how the whole process works. Once you’re able to feel comfortable with that, you can make sure your business is using the proper tricks and techniques to make search engine optimization a reality.